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Noble Houses

Not all Changelings belong to one of the great Noble Houses. In fact, unless you hold Rank within one of the Courts, it is very unlikely that you do. Each House provides certain Boons, but also have Flaws common to all members.

• House Ailil
Boon: Born politicians, members of this House are adept at all forms of negotiation. All possess the Social Trait of Persuasive, as well as the Ability Traits of Subterfuge and Politics, none of which can ever be lost.
Flaw: Such frequent success at negotiation comes with a price. Unaccustomed to backing down, Aililain are unwilling to admit that they are wrong, nor will the character relent to any conflict. If magically forced to Relent, their self-confidence is shattered; until they win a subsequent test, they may not Retest on any challenges.

• House Balor
Boon: Because of their genetic association with Formori, those of House Balor may ignore the debilitating side effects of Cold Iron.
Flaw: All those born into House Balor suffer some physical limitation. This takes the form of either a Negative Physical Trait or a Flaw involving perception (Hard of Hearing, Poor Eyesight, etc). In addition, all members of this House are considered Wyrm Tainted to Garou. Note that this House exists solely among the Unseelie.

• House Dougal
Boon: Members of House Dougal may spend one Glamour Trait to recover one Willpower Trait.
Flaw: Like those of House Balor, members of House Dougal also suffer some physical limitation; select either a Negative Physical or Mental Trait, or an equivalent Flaw.

• House Eiluned
Boon: Members of House Eiluned have an affinity to Magic, granting them the Ability Traits Occult and MythLore which may never be lost.
Flaw: To one of this House, an enigma must be understood. Hence, all Eileunedain have the flaw Curious and must spend a Willpower Trait to avoid investigating a mystery, or involving themselves in a plot. Because of this behavior, all members of this House gain the Negative Social Trait: Untrustworthy.

• House Fiona
Boon: Members of this House are immune to any effect which causes fear.
Flaw: House Fiona is legendary for its tragic romances; these Kithain simply don't know how to tone down their romantic passions. Members of this House automatically lose any ties in Social Challenges in which their opponent (of appropriate gender) bids Seductive or Alluring. Some members of the House may overcome this flaw, though at the cost of their passion. In this case, the character is considered to have the Negative Social Trait: Callous, which must always be bid to resist such romantic encounters.

• House Gwydion
Boon: All members of House Gwydion have the ability to detect whether someone is telling the truth; this takes the form of a Mental Challenge. Curiously other members of this House are immune to this gift; in addition, they gain a free retest against any other form of truth-tell used on them.
Flaw: House Gwydion prizes honor above all things; if insulted, the Changeling must win a Simple Test or fly into a frenzy. They will also frenzy if they are brought down the Wounded Health Level. In either case, the Changeling will attack the cause of their injury, ignoring all Wound Penalties while doing so.

• House Liam
Boon: Members of House Liam have a talent for enchantment; any such feat costs one less Glamour than it normally would.
Flaw: Because of their close associations with Mortals, those of this House start with one higher Banality Trait than normal for their age. In addition, other Kithain do not feel bound to follow any Traditions or to honor any Oaths where members of this House are concerned.

• House Leanhaun
Boon: House Leanhaun, more than any other, is responsible for the legendary romances of the Fae. All members of this house possess the Social Trait Beguiling as well as the Ability Trait Seduction, neither of which may ever be lost.
Flaw: On the down side, once accustomed to such potent experiences, Leanhain find themselves jaded by lesser experiences; as such, the only sorts of Epiphany that may benefit a member of this House are Ravaging and Rhapsody. However, because they are so adept at it, the character gains double the normal amount of Glamour for each test. Note that Leanhain are exclusively members of the Shadow Court.

• House Scathatch
Boon: Members of this house gain the Ability Traits Melee, Brawl, and Stealth, none of which can never be lost. In addition, because of their ties to the mortal world, they may make a Hard Static Mental Test whenever they would normally gain a Banality Trait to avoid such.
Flaw: The House prides itself on its combat ability; once a Scathain enters combat, they may not stop until all opponents have been defeated. A Willpower Trait may be spent to enable them to do something non-combat related for a single turn. All other Noble Houses (except House Liam) look down members of this House, refusing to acknowledge their Rank in Court; in addition, when interacting with other Fae, all Scathain are considered to have the Negative Social Trait Untrustworthy. Finally, because of an ancient Oath, members of this House are forbidden from learning the Arts of Sovereign or Contempt.

Pour de plus ample détails;

"Si les flammes de la passion pour ce jeu conssume aussi votre entourage, diminuez l'intensité... ce n'est qu'un jeu après tout!."
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