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Most of the Merits listed in the Laws of the Night can equally apply to Changeling characters; below are listed additional Merits for the Fae.

Ability Aptitude [1] The changeling has a natural knack for one type of activity, be it mathematics, driving, or linguistics; the character is two Traits up on all tests when using that Ability Trait.
Chimerical Wings [3]: These wings show up whenever the character takes their Fae Seeming, enabling them to fly at normal walking pace. However, even in mortal seeming, the character must cut slits in their clothing to accommodate these wings. A character with this merit may not also take the flaw Vestigial Wings.
Fae Eternity [2]: Some changelings retain their timeless nature better than others; as long as they are in touch with their fae side, these characters age but one year for each century that passes.
Iron Resistance [4] The Changeling is partially resistant to the effects of Cold Iron; contact with it no longer causes pain. In addition, the changeling only gains one temporary Banality Trait per ten minutes in contact with Cold Iron, and one permanent Trait after a week.
Nature Linked [3]: Changelings with this merit have a stronger tie to the natural world than others; they rarely become lost, and tend to find food and shelter more easily. When using the Ability of Survival, or employing the Nature or Setting realm towards a natural setting, the Changeling will win all ties on Static or Simple tests. This merit may only be taken by those with an affinity for the Fae or Nature Realms.
Regeneration [5]: Certain Changelings are able to recover must faster from injury, in part due to their Chimerical essence. As long as the Changeling has as least one Glamour Trait left, they may heal Chimerical damage at a rate of one health level per ten minutes, and other wounds at a rate of one health level per hour. However, aggravated wounds require the changeling to rest in a Freehold to gain this benefit.
Untamable [5]: Your fae nature will not be denied, and keeps your mind free from outside influences; the character may ignore any direct attempt to control their mind, including the Vampiric Disciplines of Dominate and Presence, the Sovereign Art, and the Mage Sphere of Mind.

• Special Merits
These may only be purchased by Trolls, Orges, Rock Giants and Numozo'ho.

Blessing of Atlas [5]: Some Trolls truly live up to the nickname of Giants, being even stronger than most of their Kith. Trolls with this merit gain the Attribute Trait of Stalwart, which can never be lost. In addition, they inflict an additional point of damage and win all ties in strength related tests (equivalent to the Potence Discipline Puissance).
Increased Pain Threshold [3]: Trolls with this merit are more resistant to the effects of pain than others, or are simply stubborn enough not to care. For whatever reason, characters with this merit function as if they were one wound level healthier than they actually are.
Loyal Heart [2]: Oaths are everything to a Troll, but some are more fanatical about it than others. A Troll with this merit automatically recovers any Willpower Traits spent, if they directly pertain to the fulfillment of an Oath. On the downside, the Troll will never try to bypass or ignore a willingly taken Oath, including being unable to spend Willpower to resist pursuing one.
River of Ages [5]: A more potent form of Fae Eternity, this also allows the changeling to maintain a more stable balance between their fae and human sides. They are considered to have two less permanent Banality Traits when determining if they have lost their fae identity, and two more Banality Traits for purposes of calculating Bedlam.
Stone Skin [3]: While some people claim that all Trolls are thick-skinned, those with this merit certainly set the example. A character with this merit gains an additional Health Level from their tough hide.


Many of the Flaws listed in Laws of the Night may be adapted for use by Changelings; note that the Storyteller has final say of which may be taken. In addition, there are a few flaws that are specific to Changelings.

Bard's Tongue [1]: Whether prophecy or just bad luck, things you say have an unfortunate knack for coming true.
Cleared Mists [3]: The Mists do not protect this Changeling's Arts or Enchantments from the memory of mortals. A character with this flaw may not have the Background Arcane.
Curiosity [2]: So much to know, so little time. The Kithain must pass a Static Mental Test (difficulty determined by a Narrator) to avoid investigating a mystery or involving themselves in a plot.
Iron Allergy [4]: Cold Iron affects this character even more than other Changelings; while in contact with Iron, the character functions at one health level worse: Wounded while in contact and Bruised for an additional ten minutes afterwards. In addition, the character suffers one temporary Banality Trait per turn (rather than per minute) and gains an additional permanent Banality Trait after only three hours.
Iron Vulnerability [3]: Any wound inflicted by a weapon of Cold Iron is considered to be Aggravated. In addition, the touch of Cold Iron is enough to inflict one point of Chimerical damage per minute.
Geas [1-5]: The Changeling is under a Geas or Oath that they have no control over; the Storyteller will decide how many points this flaw is worth based upon the nature of the Geas.
Life Saver [3]: This character holds the Right to Life stronger than most, extending it to all living things. You will not willingly kill another; if forced to do so, or if you accidently kill someone, you will be so despondent that you loose all temporary Willpower, and may not retest challenges for one hour after committing such an act.
Nature Bound [2]: Some Changelings are more uncomfortable away from the wilderness than others; when not in a natural setting, the character is one bid down on all challenges. This flaw is normally only taken by those with an affinity for the Fae or Nature Realms.
Sidhe's Curse [5]: For whatever reason, maybe because your character just returned from Arcadia, the trials of the mortal world affect you more strongly than others. You suffer from an effect similar to the frailty of the Sidhe: whenever your character would gain a Banality Trait (either temporary or permanent) they instead gain two.
Slipped Seeming [1-5]: Not all Changelings are as effective at hiding their Fae self as others; the point value of this flaw is the extent to which your Changeling visage shows through your mortal form.
Surreal Quality [2]: Don't know quite what it is, but everyone seems to find you fascinating. Changelings with Surreal Quality find themselves the center of attention wherever they go; a character with this flaw may not purchase the Background Arcane.
Strangeness [1]: It's not you, reality is just a bit weirder than normal. Each game, some bizarre aspect of the Dreaming impinges upon your life.
Troll's Bane [5]: Like the Trolls, these Changelings are more tightly bound by their Oaths than others. If a character with this flaw ever willingly violates an Oath, the loose any benefits from their Birthrights until they have made amends. In addition, all such characters are considered to have the additional Banality Trait of Oath Breaker. Troll characters may not take this flaw.
Twisted Upbringing [1]: Either you went through your Chrysalis all alone, or your patron taught you all the wrong things about Changeling culture; either way, you may not begin the game with the Ability Faerie Lore, and must overcome this flaw before purchasing any.

Pour plus de détails;

"Si les flammes de la passion pour ce jeu conssume aussi votre entourage, diminuez l'intensité... ce n'est qu'un jeu après tout!."
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Merits & Flaws
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