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 Glamours And Enchantements

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MessageSujet: Glamours And Enchantements   Mer 22 Nov - 16:58

Glamour and Enchantments

Glamour is the wonder that powers the magic of the Fae. It is their bastion against Banality, and the passion that enables them to thrive. Glamour is spent to overcome Banality and to power certain Enchantments. There are three types of Enchantments that a Changeling may employ. Most common is to allow their Fae Seeming to manifest in the mundane world. In addition, many of the powers that come from the Birthrights of your Kith (other than Attribute or Ability Traits) are considered to be Enchantments. The third and most common type of Enchantment is the casting of Cantrips, the special magics that are the expressions of a Changeling's Arts.

In addition, a point of Glamour may be spent to Enchant a mortal; such an application lasts until the mortal next sleeps, and for that duration they are considered to have the merit Faerie Affinity.

As a final application, a point of Glamour may be spent to enable a Changeling to view the local Penumbra (or Shadowlands) for a single scene.

Recovering Glamour
There are many ways to recover Glamour. Resting for a night in a Freehold will refresh your Glamour. In addition, the Changeling may attempt to draw Glamour from others around them; this is known as Epiphany.

• Reverie: By being in the presence of creative mortals or inspiring natural surroundings, a Changeling may attempt enhance the local Glamour, and recover some of their own in the process. The character makes a Static Mental test, with the difficulty set by a Narrator. If the the test is successful, the character recovers a temporary Glamour Trait; one such test may be made per half hour.
• Rapture: Similar to Reverie, this has the Changeling performing some form of artistic expression, hoping to create Glamour on their own. Over the course of an hour, the character makes a Static test, bidding an Attribute appropriate to the art form in question. If the test is successful, one Glamour Trait may be regained.
• Ravaging: When in dire need (or for Unseelie, when in a bad mood), a Changeling may attempt to steal Glamour directly from another; keep in mind that this is a violation of the Escheat Right to Dream.

The Changeling must meet eye contact with another, usually a mortal. A Mental or Social Challenge follows, in which the Changeling tries to rob the victim of their inherent Glamour. If the Changeling wins the test, they gain one temporary Glamour Trait; on the other hand if the Changeling fails, they gain a temporary Banality Trait.

If the Ravaging is successful, the victim is flooded with Banality; this takes the form of the Negative Traits Witless and Dull for the remainder of the night. Mages gain a point of Paradox in addition to this, while Garou lose a point of Rage; Wraiths lose a point of Pathos, while mortals and others lose one temporary Willpower Trait. If another Changeling is Ravaged, they lose one point of their own Glamour; if the victim has no temporary Glamour left, they instead gain two temporary Banality Traits.

A Changeling may attempt to Ravage someone a number of times in a given month equal to the victim's permanent Willpower rating. Note that no character may relent to a Ravage test.

• Rhapsody: Practiced only by the Thallain and the worst of the Unseelie, this form of Epiphany drains an artist of their life's creativity in one great burst. The Kithain must spend an initial point of Glamour to prime the pump, then undertakes a series of Static Mental Traits (difficulty equal to the number of Mental Traits possessed by the target mortal); the Changeling may continue to test as long as they continue to win. The resulting work will yield a number of points of Glamour equal to the number of tests won. The mortal in question is left as a worthless hulk, permanently suffering the effects of a Ravaging. Note that the victim of Rhapsody may never participate in any other form of Epiphany: their well-spring of Glamour is forever exhausted.

There is an entire class of things, collectively known as Chimera. Something is considered to have a Chimerical existence if it has an Umbral presence; this including Changelings, Wraiths, or Spirits. Likewise, anything that inflicts Chimerical Damage would only harm something that has a Chimerical presence.

If a Changeling takes Chimerical Damage sufficient to bring them to Incapacitated, then the lose the ability to employ Enchantments until they have healed at least one level of damage. If taken below that level by Chimerical Damage, the Changeling will slip into a coma until they recover.

Cold Iron
The antithesis of Glamour and Enchantments is Banality, and the ultimate expression of Banality is Cold Iron. When a Changeling is in contact with Cold Iron (but not steel or other alloys), they must spend an extra point of Glamour for any Enchantment, to adopt Fae Seeming or to use any Birthright. In addition, they take part in any form of Epiphany. Finally, because its touch is so discomforting, any Healthy wound levels count as Bruised.

The force of Cold Iron are such that even after a Changeling is no longer touching or carrying it, some effects linger. For each minute spent in contact with Cold Iron, the fae will pick up one temporary Banality Trait. Each day the changeling spends touching cold iron will also add one Permanent Banality Trait. Not only do weapons of Cold Iron do aggravated damage, but they also inflict one temporary Banality Trait per strike. Note that if a Changeling is taken below Incapacitated by wounds from Cold Iron, their Fae self is forever destroyed, even if their mortal form is saved.

Informations supplémentaires;

"Si les flammes de la passion pour ce jeu conssume aussi votre entourage, diminuez l'intensité... ce n'est qu'un jeu après tout!."
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Glamours And Enchantements
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