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Another strong component of Changeling culture comes from the fact that Oaths, spoken with intent, are as binding upon a Changeling as any magic.

Oaths of Romance
• Oath of Clasped Hands: Sworn by the mingling of blood, this vow of friendship and devotion grants both participants an extra permanent Willpower Trait; this point of Willpower may only be spent when the two Oathbound are together. However, if either one dies, the surviving character loses two permanent Willpower.

• Oath of True Hearts: Forging a bond of True Love, this Oath requires a point of temporary Glamour from each of the lovers. This glamour creates a Chimerical creature, often a songbird, which testifies to the presence of the Oath. As long as the oath is in force, those sworn gain a extra point of Glamour from any Epiphany they experience together. If the Oath is ever broken however, the Chimerical creation come to rest upon the shoulder of the one forsworn, forever labeling him or her as an Oathbreaker; in addition, both parties gain an additional permanent Banality Trait, usually Betrayal, Abandonment, or Broken Vow.

Oaths of Intent
• Oath of Guardianship: By swearing this vow, the Oathbound agrees to guard and protect a person or object, keeping them safe from all harm. Should the Oathbound fail in his mission, he is cursed to never spend two nights in the same bed for a century.

• Oath of Accepted Burden: By swearing to complete a given task, the Changeling willingly accepts a Geas. When the task, which must be a significant undertaking is completed, the character regains all temporary Glamour and Willpower, and looses any temporary Banality they have. However, if the quest is not followed diligently, they character gains a permanent Banality Trait.

• Oath of Long Road: A more potent form of the Oath of Accepted Burden, this is spoken before the undertaking of a long quest, one which should take multiple months to complete. Once sworn, the character gains a permanent Willpower Trait, as well as a permanent Glamour Trait. If the Changeling does not complete the quest, then she loses three permanent Willpower and Glamour Traits. Forsaking the quest holds even more dire consequences; in addition to the above losses, when the character formally abandons their Oath they loose all temporary Willpower and Glamour, and gain a permanent Banality Trait, often Broken Vow, Apathy, or Abandonment.

• Oath of Darkest Heart: There are times when even the best intentions are not enough, and a Changeling is forced to violate another Oath or Tradition. To atone for such an act, the Kithain may undertake this Oath. While this vow is in place, the memory of the crime remains locked away in the mind of the Oathbound; it may not be drawn forth by any means, magical or other; nor may any means force the Changeling to forget what was done. The Oath remains in effect for one year, until the next Samhain (if Unseelie) or Beltane (if Seelie). If by that time, amends have been made, the character is freed from the stricture of this vow, and relieved of any affects of the crime, including any penalties imposed by the breaking of the previous Oath; if amends have not been made, then this penance remains in effect for another year. However, if the Kithain repeats the crime in question while this Oath is in effect, they gain a permanent Banality Trait and can never again attempt to make amends for this action.

Oaths of Tradition
• Oath of Fealty: Sworn by a vassal to their liege, this Oath places the oathgiver under the authority of another. Once sworn, any attempts to influence the vassal are two Traits up on any bids to resist; however, any attempts to resist their sworn liege puts the character two Traits down on any tests.

• Oath of Noblesse Oblige: The counterpart to the Oath of Fealty, this vow signifies acceptance of the obligation of leadership. Through its swearing, the liege pledges support of the vassal in the Traditions of the Escheat. While supporting these Traditions, both the vassal and the liege may make a Simple Test to regain any Willpower spent in fulfillment of the Oath. However, if the liege forgoes support of the vassal, she gains a permanent Banality Trait.

• Oath of Adoption: Spoken by an elder, this vow accepts another as a member of the oathbound's household. Most common among Trolls, this Oath duplicates the affects of the Oaths of Fealty and Noblesse Oblige in regard to the new family relation.

• Oath of Commendation: Greatest of the Oaths of Tradition, this vow accepts the Kithain as a member of the Seelie Court, perhaps even bringing them into a Noble House. If the Oathbound was formerly of another Court, they must select a new Nature appropriate to the Seelie Court; in addition, if the Oath is sworn to and accepted by a ranking member of a Noble House, the Kithain may be granted minor Rank and membership in that House.

• Oath of Condemnation: The Unseelie version of the Oath of Commendation works exactly the same except that in this case, the Oath must be accepted by a high Ranking member of the Shadow Court to have effect.

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